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Wildwood Apartments

Wildwood Apartments

McShane Construction

General Contractor:

Clearing and grubbing, site grading, building excavation and backfill, site utilities.


After we started the project the soil testing company wanted to dig some test pits beyond the subgrade of the underground parking for the building. What we found was a soft layer about 4 feet thick which was down over 20 feet from surface grade. This required us to undercut the entire building footprint, toss that dirt out and replace it with structural material. McShane said it was by far the biggest undercut operation they had ever seen.

Project specific challenges:

Sun Prairie

Project Info:

178,000 Cy of dirt moved, 1700 LF of sewer, water, and storm sewer installed

172 units Multi-family with underground parking (approximately 10 acre site)


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